About Reverse the Slavery Curse: Have you ever wondered why it is that the vast majority of Black people who started at the bottom of society roughly 400 years ago and owned less than 1 percent of the wealth in America are still at rock bottom? Blacks who were brought to the Americas in physical chains were intended to be the uncompensated labor class called slaves. Strong evidence exists that in order to get Black slaves to comply to their enslaved status, mind control was utilized. When slavery was outlawed in 1865, slaves that were released into free society were still operating under slavery mind control and were unprepared to compete with the people groups around them. Subsequent generations of the freed slaves were trained in the same enslaved mindsets as their ancestors.


Black people are a very special and set apart people group with incredible creativity, intelligence, vernacular, physical prowess and style that has been admired and copied throughout the world bar none. And yet Blacks are still the cosmically whipping boy of the world and the bottom rung of every socioeconomic metric. There are natural and supernatural reasons for the low position that Blacks have found themselves in. If addressed, Blacks can regain control back over their spirit, mind and body, and once again, become a competitive force in which to be reckoned.

Reverse the Slavery Curse