About Practicing for Life: Most successful people have one thing in common: they regularly practice their skillset. Whether it’s the sales professional who practices his pitch verbally in front of the mirror before getting in front of an important client or the world class athlete who regularly practices her sport years in advance before major events, successful people who get results are the ones who regularly practice.

But most people do not practice the things they want outside of their given profession. The great thing about practicing something is that there is no pressure in it. Unlike trying to create a habit, which can set expectations that can be burdensome in the long run, practicing is almost always pressure free. If you blow a practice session, no big deal. You can simply practice again. And the more you practice something, the more your confidence level will rise as you become better at whatever you’re attempting to do.

Practicing for Life will give you easy to follow steps that can help you perfect whatever area you are practicing in so when you are faced with the real thing, you are ready!

Practicing for Life - Ebook